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Congonhas Travel

Lufthansa City Center Business Travel

Telephone: +55 4730255775
+55 047 / 30255775

Rua Imigrante Roskamp 39,
89203-520 Joinville

We help you get your Visa
Do you want to find out, if there are any visa requirements for the country you've planned to visit?
In case you do need a visa, we can arrange this for you. Furthermore, we can assist you filling out the visa request form(s) and to obtain the required documents, e.g. an Invitation Letter.

Please note that we mainly deal with residents (of any nationality) in COUNTRY seeking visas for any country. Unfortunately we cannot arrange visas for foreigners intending to travel to COUNTRY: every traveller needing a visa for COUNTRY has to apply personally at the Consulate in his/her Country of Residence. If this traveller has a valid visa for any Schengen-country he/she can also travel to COUNTRY, provided he/she first arrives in the country his/her visa was issued for.